Connections for Change

Connections for Change is a program to help you and your business adapt and flourish during these challenging times.

This program is unique: it's driven by your questions and shares expert responses and the opportunity to connect with each other.

Join our Monash Alumni LinkedIn group now to connect with your global alumni community.

You’ll get access to our talented global alumni network and Monash thought leaders, offering a range of valuable advice and tangible support designed to directly meet the current needs of our community.

Do you have questions you would like answered by alumni or our leading academics? Email these to and we’ll reach out to our community for an expert response.

View responses to alumni questions by clicking the links below:

Gina Leong

Prof. Jane Fisher

Dimitra Manis &
Dr Siobhan Martin 

Charles Caldas

Peter Cantwell &
Katea Gidley

Alexandra Kinloch

Datuk Muhamad Umar Swift

Prof. Mark Banaszak Holl, Dr. Simon
Corrie & Prof. Gil Garnier

Jasmine Suraya

Dr. Filda Yusgiantoro

Dr. Irvan Arief

Annette Kimmitt AM

Amanda O'Brien

Ben Crowe
Joel Neoh

Assoc. Prof. Joseph Liu

Prof. Ian Meredith AM
Dr. Christine Grové

Anne Valentine Andrews

Linora Low

Patrick Loftus-Hills

Cathie Reid AM

Andy Zain

Dianne Drew

Iwan Murty

Dr. Kate Fitz-Gibbon &
Prof. JaneMaree Maher

Assoc. Prof. Yolande Strengers

Tian Pouw (TP) Pun

Dr. Sandro Demaio

Dr. Luke Rodda

Helen Sawczak

Sam Farrands

Prof. Colin Pouton

Andrew Baxter
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