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By now, UCD has more than 4600 elites, including 1 academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, 1 national engineering survey and design master, 8 experts enjoying the special government allowances of the State Council, 10 talents on Beijing municipal level, over 800 senior professional technicians, 500-plus professionally registered persons, and nearly 3500 college graduates or graduates with higher academic credentials, to provide comprehensive solutions for urban construction in terms of design consultancy, engineering construction, investment and financing, and scientific and technological industrialization, etc.

We are the cultivator and owner of the most powerful urban rail transit specialists in China. We have specialists for every process of the urban rail transit projects and for all professional designs. We have the most cutting-edge scientific research institution in China —— National Engineering Laboratory for Green & Safe Construction Technology in Urban Rail Transit, and the first workshop joined by academicians and experts in urban rail transit in China. Our design consultancy team in terms of urban rail transit, construction, municipal administration, integrated design, city planning and engineering economy, our engineering construction team in terms of EPC, survey, PPP, TOD, and security risk assessment and management, and our professional team in terms of investment and financing and scientific and technological industrialization, enjoy a high prestige and wide recognition in the industry.

By integrating management and technical advantages and in line with resource localization on an international perspective, our professional and integrated teams serve urban construction and provide customers with comprehensive solutions for sustainable development and enable customers to benefit in the long run.