Technology R&D

  • We have kept concluding and improving the relevant professional technologies in the process of providing engineering design services for the urban rail transit engineering for the purpose of developing our companys core technologies and establishing our core competitiveness.
  • We own a number of advanced technologies in the field of rail noise and vibration reduction, underground space ventilation, underground structure and viaduct. According to our research and develop policy, certain percentage of our total revenue should be allocated for researching and developing.
  • We promote actively the commercialization of new technologies, especially those about energy conservation, reduction of carbon dioxide emission, integrated utilization of resources, renewable energy and safe environment protection, for the purpose of improving technology content of the products substantially.
  • We have entered into a technical service contract with Beijing Jiaotong University and Wuhan University of Technology respectively. The Urban Rail Transit Research Center, which is established by our company and Beijing Jiaotong University jointly, is the Chinese scientific research institute covering various professions in rail transit research. In accordance with the provisions of such contract, we shall provide research materials and expenditures, and the above universities shall be responsible for the research of engineering project, the relevant research results and intellectual property shall belong to each parties. Currently, we are consulting with Chongqing University about the cooperation of scientific research.
  • We determine specific technological problems and key research topics, and adjust the direction of technological research and development, for the purpose of meeting the market demand. We have set up a research team composing of experienced senior experts working as leader in the team and professionals with expertise. We have applied a series of research and develop policies to the approval, research, and process control and acceptance identification of research and develop projects. All of our professionals have participated in various researches and develop activities, 77% of which have the education background of or above bachelors.