• Regarding technical innovation as our core competitiveness, we have developed a series of exclusive technologies on urban rail transit and relevant design. To date, we have owned 190 patents (incl. 60 invention patents), and had 40 patents under application (incl. 22 invention patents) in China.
  • We own a number of proprietary technologies in the field of rail noise and vibration reduction, underground space ventilation, underground structure and viaduct. A number of our advanced technologies have reached the international leading level.
  • In the aspect of rail noise and vibration reduction: we have a number of rail noise and vibration reduction technologies such as steel spring floating slab anti-vibration ballast bed, track damper, vibration fasteners, which are applied widely in the field of rail transit for the purpose of making the rail transportation efficient, safe, energy-saving and environment friendly. Meanwhile, we can also obtain some revenue by selling the processing blueprint of relevant products.
  • In the aspect of underground space ventilation: we have a number of proprietary technologies in the field of underground ventilation and air-condition, which would have considerable commercial space.
  • Our technologies usually matches with related underground ventilation system, and own outstanding advantages in space utilization, energy conservation and reduction of carbon dioxide emission. Relevant technologies include multi-functional integrated ventilation and air-conditioning system, direct evaporative ventilation and air-condition systems , as well as no cooling tower cold water integrated air-condition and ventilation system.
  • In the aspect of underground structure: we have a number of advanced technologies about underground structure, which fill the gaps in the relevant technical field in China. Such technologies are construction methods include top-down bored excavation with cast-in-situ arch,deformation control of undercrossing existing metro structure with zero clearance and metro stations constructed by shield tunneling combined with shallow mining excavation, etc.「Fabricated subway station」which is researched and developed by us is a domestic pioneering technology and in the process of patent application.
  • In the aspect of viaduct: we are the only design unit in China owning the patent for invention of U-beam technology (the technology is mainly applied to urban rail transit viaduct structure with high requirements on operation safety and landscape design). We are also the first company conducting a comprehensive study on U-beam technology and its supporting systems technology, including: rail transit power supply, environment protection systems, rail noise and vibration reduction systems and security defending systems, etc. The U-beam developed by our company is environment friendly and economical with high applicability to China's rail transit systems, and some parts of the u-beam technology have reached international leading level. Apart from the applied patents, we already have sustaining R D capabilities in terms of design techniques of urban rail transit project and construction methods of underground structures. In view of the complexity of project design of urban rail transit, project owners devote considerable attention to R D capabilities of related technologies in selecting and hiring engineering service providers. We also believe that R D capabilities will be our core competitiveness.
  • Our recent key R D projects include: U-beam integrated technology, study and application of the key technologies of prefabricated underground structure of subway station, three dimensions computer aided design system of urban rail transit, rail train system design and power supply system of embedded type contact rail and integration of products, etc.