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Beijing Urban Construction Design & Development Group Co., Limited (01599.HK) is a technology-based engineering company engaged in providing a variety of professional services for urban construction. Our business covers the fields of urban rail transit, comprehensive transportation hubs, underground space development, industrial and civil construction, municipal building, bridges and roads. We are dedicated to providing high-quality and comprehensive professional services for early consultation, planning, investment promotion and financing, survey and mapping, design, project management, general contracting, system integration, appraisal and economic analysis of projects. 

The company, formerly known as Beijing Urban Engineering Design & Research Institute Co., Ltd., was established in 1958 to provide design and survey services for the construction of the Subway Line 1 of Beijing, which is the first subway line of China. In October of 2013, Beijing Urban Engineering Design & Research Institute Co., Ltd. was renamed Beijing Urban Construction Design & Development Group Co., Limited (UCD). We have the highest level design and survey qualification in China, namely, the Comprehensive A-class Qualification. 

We have been leading and promoting the development of the urban rail transit industry, serving as a major participant in making national design codes for the urban rail transit industry. We participated in the formulation of 12 national standards and industrial standards on rail transit, such as Subway Design Code, Urban Rail Transit Engineering Project Construction Standard, Code for Urban Rail Transit Engineering Surveying, Code for Urban Rail Transit Geotechnical Engineering Inspection, Code for Urban Rail Transit Heating, Ventilation and Air-conditioning Design, Code for Light Rail Transit Design and Code for Shield Tunneling Engineering Design, etc. We own more than 100 patented technologies and have attained more than 300 important scientific and technological achievements on national, provincial and ministerial levels. We established China’s first office of academicians and experts in urban rail transit, which is headed by Shi Zhongheng, academician with the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and joined by a number of academicians. We have also launched the establishment of three major technical innovation platforms, including National Engineering Laboratory for Urban Rail Transit Construction Craftsmanship and Technology, Beijing Municipal Rail Transit Structure Center and Rail Transit Energy Conservation Center, to forge a first-class platform for the application and popularization of technology innovations in China.

The company has an established business presence in 60 cities of China and has set up branches or offices in more than 50 cities. and extends to Angola, Vietnam, Russia, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Mozambique, Ethiopia, Maldives and other overseas markets.

For more than half a century, we have been committed to fulfilling the missions for urban design and future construction. We have finished a great number of remarkable projects and won wide acclaim from both the governments and the clients. We have won many honors, including the National “May Day” Labor Award and the Capital Labor Award. The company was successfully listed at Hong Kong Stock Exchange on July 8, 2014. We commit ourselves to becoming an integrated urban construction service provider spearheaded by design and promoting the harmonious and sustainable development of humans, cities and environment.


Design, Survey and Consulting

Up to now, we have concluded general contracts for 100 urban rail transit lines in more than 40 cities of China, including 58 ones under operation with a total length of 1222 kilometers. The company ranks first in China in terms of total length of operating projects under general urban rail transit design contracts. It boasts the largest market share and the strongest comprehensiveness in China as a general contractor of urban rail transit design projects. In terms of civil construction, we made designs for the National Stadium, the Olympic Village and other Olympic projects. Embracing the concept of the “Green Olympics, High-tech Olympics and People's Olympics”, we have successfully showcased the advanced construction level and techniques of China to the world. In the fields of survey and mapping, the company is one of the earliest A-class units engaged in geotechnical engineering investigation and mapping after the founding of the People’s Republic of China. It is also China’s first large company engaged in survey and mapping for underground railways. In terms of municipal engineering, we provide whole-process and comprehensive services for construction of engineering constructions, including the projects for urban roads, highways, traffic planning, bridges, tunnels, bus rapid transit, water supply and drainage, subway security check and barrier-free facilities.


General Contracting 

We have participated in the engineering contracting projects of 29 urban rail transit lines in China, including 61 stations and 69 sections. The projects almost involve all main cities in China, including Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Tianjin, Hangzhou and Dalian.

Our general contracting service focuses on engineering projects of the urban rail transit industry. We provide services in two modes: (1) general contracting of construction (procurement - construction), for which we provide overall procurement and construction services in accordance with the clients’ plans and schedules; (2) general contracting of engineering (engineering, procurement and construction), for which we provide whole-process (or staged) services.


Investment and Financing

Taking advantage of the platform of the capital market, UCD is engaged in investment and financing projects with funds raised with low costs through equity financing in the forms of stock issue, allotment of shares and seasoned equity offering, credit financing in the form of issue of corporation bonds, and half-equity and half-credit financing in the form of issue of convertible bonds. 

We mainly make investment in the fields of engineering, science and technology and real estate. At the same time, we have been expanding our design and consulting services through merger and acquisition and extending our business to upstream and downstream sectors of the design industry chain. We have established the comprehensive service platform for engineering projects. The project of the north section of Anqing outer ring road undertaken by UCD with the adoption of PPP model is the first PPP project used in city infrastructure facilities in China, which opens for UCD a new era in the field of PPP projects.


Technology Industrialization

UCD is highly motivated to seek new economic growth areas based on the market by building a standard technology industrialization platform and by promoting the combination of scientific innovation with commercialization of research findings. 

UCD owns a great number of patented technologies and various research achievements. Since the company went public, the commercialization of research findings has been accelerated and the industrialization has reached a high level. The modern smart tramcar control system and the prefabricated track bed system independently developed by the company have been put into operation. 



Operation and Management

By virtue of the investment and financing platforms, UCD takes vigorous action to conduct preparatory work as well as operation and management of highway, metro and tramcar projects. Depending on its advantages in urban rail transit design, UCD offers operation consulting and maintenance services, plans for the operation and reconstruction of urban rail transit projects, advances the operation of the whole industry chain with concerted efforts and provides important support for the synergetic development of the industry.



Our competitive edge:

●  Established for the construction of the first subway of China, the company has become an industrial leader after more than 50 years’ development. 

●  The company plays a leading role in the development of China’s rail transit industry and technologies, and it is the maker of the main standards for the urban rail transit industry of the country. 

●  The company is capable of providing solutions covering the whole chain of the urban rail transit industry.

●  The company is capable of providing comprehensive services for urban rail transit, construction, municipal engineering, integrated development and survey projects. 

●  The company has a management team with rich experience and a great number of senior experts in related fields. 

●  The broad prospect of the Chinese urban rail transit industry provides huge development space for the company. 

●  The company has established branches and offices throughout China and many other countries or regions.