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Beijing Urban Construction Design & Development Group Co., Limited is an initiator and supporter of the Specialized Committee for Engineering Consulting of China Association of Metros. We will assume more responsibility for promoting industrial development and be dedicated to leading the advancement of new technologies and new ideas of the industry. The committee actively organizes the research and demonstration of the technology development theories, policies, technical regulations and standards for urban rail transit engineering consulting to raise urban rail transit engineering consulting service level of China; actively carries out the work in the aspects of engineering feasibility study, road network planning and consulting and post evaluation of urban rail transit projects; tracks domestic and foreign professional trends, studies development directions and hot and difficult issues of urban rail transit industry and puts forward suggestions to government departments through the Association; strengthens information exchange, advocates technology innovation and leads technical development of the industry; organizes education and training and awards excellent talents.

Beijing Urban Construction Design & Development Group Co., Limited is a supporter of the Working Committee for Urban Rail Transit Technology of China Civil Engineering Society. This committee is a national industrial society. It is dedicated to putting up a technology exchange platform for national urban rail transit industry, leading technology development and innovation of this field and forming a link of governments, planning and design institutions, project owners, operators, construction organizations, scientific research institutions, equipment manufacturers and other social sectors. Its action objective and purpose are to promote technical progress, popularization and development of rail transit planning, design, construction and operation in China