Capping of the Main Structure of Fengtai Subway Station Completed Ahead of Time, a Decisive Engagement on June 30th!


With the last agitator truck leaving the construction site, structures at the Fengtai Station and of the No. 2 air duct on Beijing Subway Line 16 were all completed 2 days ahead of the schedule, marking the successful completion of the second phase of the "June 30th" node targets.


The Fengtai Station on Subway Line 16 is located directly under the building of Fengtai Railway Station —— Asia’s largest railway transportation hub under reconstruction. Co-constructed with the railway station building, the total construction area comes to 46,000 square meters with two transfer halls devised. After completion, transfer can be realized to both Fengtai Railway Station and the existing Line 10, laying the "traffic artery" for the Fengtai Station hub and opening a new era for the development of southwest Beijing.


Since the targets of the first phase were completed 3 days ahead of time on May 27th, the project team has carefully organized and intensively conducted the construction under the premise of good epidemic prevention and control and guaranteed safety and quality, and once again completed the "June 30th" targets of the second phase in advance, creating conditions for Fengtai Railway Station to be put into operation at the end of 2021 as well as providing guarantee for the timely opening of Subway Line 16.

 —— the main structure of the subway at the 1-8 flow section handed over before May 30;

—— the main structure of the subway in the 9-19 flow section and the No. 2 air duct handed over before June 30;

—— the site of No. 1 air duct on the west side handed over on July 30

Each project node seemingly impossible to complete is being completed on schedule, or even realized in advance. The No. 22 tender project team of Line 22 is working miracles at an unusual "urban construction speed"! They came off with flying colors on "May 30th". For "June 30th" targets, they did not fail their mission. Now they put away the joy and are fully prepared to set off, running towards the "July 30th" node with all their strength. We believe that the project team will be able to maintain the Honor of Iron Army for UCD with eye-catching achievements.