Greet the 99th Anniversary of the Founding of Communist Party of China with Excellence of Work ——Completion and Acceptance of the whole PPP project of Airport Avenue(middle section)in Dianzhong New Area


Greet the 99th Anniversary of the Founding of Communist Party of China with Outstanding Successes!


On the morning of June 29th, the Airport Avenue (middle section), a PPP project invested and constructed by UCD in Dianzhong New Area, was all completed and passed the acceptance check, being drawn to an end successfully. Henceforth, fast road clusters in the east part of the Dianzhong New Area will be connected. One more toll-free road has been built between Song Ming Vocational Education Base, Evergrande Kids World and Changshui Airport, reducing the transit time by 20 minutes or so as compared to the past.


The Dianzhong Airport Avenue (middle section) has been the first-ever PPP municipal infrastructure project in Yunnan Province. Situated between two north-south development belts in the airport new area, the avenue runs a total length of 9.45 kilometers and is 65 meters wide. Being the trunk road of the city, the avenue is a design of main road separated from side road, with the main road composed of two-way eight lanes featuring a designed speed of 60 kilometers / hour and the speed designed for the side road being 30 kilometers / hour. There are two bridges, namely, the Duilonghe River Bridge and the Xiaoshao Bridge, built along the avenue. A total length of 7387.416 meters of utility tunnel was laid underground along the road. As the main skeleton road in the core area of Dianzhong New Area, the avenue is connected with Shaoguan Road and Songkun Road, linking the fast roads in the east part of the Dianzhong New Area to those to the airport and the Daban Bridge, functioning for the collecting and distributing at the airport and for part of the cargo transportation. In addition, the avenue also connects the airport economic zone with the Yanglin Township in Songming County, which will bring along and step up the economic and industrial development of the neighboring areas along the road.


The project(the airport avenue except the Taoyuan section)was successfully completed on Dec.29, 2017 and was put into operation after hand-over and acceptance check on Feb.8, 2018. On June 29, 2019, with the effortful coordination from leaders at all levels of the Dianzhong New Area, demolition at Taoyuan was carried out and, with arduous efforts done for a year, road construction at the Taoyuan was successfully completed, bringing about the road all completed and opened to traffic.


In the course of the construction, major efforts were done for innovation and excellence of the project. To date, the project has won more than ten honors, including “National Standard Construction Site for Safety Production”, “Gold Award of Great Wall Cup for Beijing Municipal Infrastructure”, “Yunnan Provincial Standard Construction Site for Safety Production”, “ Special Award of “Spring City Cup” for Construction Projects of Kunming, etc. Since February of 2018 when the avenue went into operation, the project team has attached great importance to the quality of service in executing the contract and strengthened day-to-day inspection and management, winning wide acclaim from the government and the public. Usable service fees and operation and maintenance service charges incurred in all stages of the construction have been collected back in full amount, thus realizing the high-quality contract fulfillment and establishing a shining image for UCD.